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DM Buddy – Learn Digital Marketing

DM Buddy – Digital Marketing Buddy is an online Digital Marketing learning and management application. DM Buddy is designed for students, professionals, businessman, and anyone who wants to learn digital marketing and earn money online. With this app, you can now learn and practice internet marketing anytime anywhere. DM Buddy delivers quality education with practical explanations and examples. It’s completely FREE! Download it from PlayStore.

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Advance Digital Marketing Course

Download this app and start learning complete digital marketing from basic. It is full of practical explanations, interactive sections and more. Download it and start exploring it.

DIY Practicals

Do it yourself – practical. In this sections where you can improve your digital marketing and development skills thorugh practicals. Download to start developing your website, and start doing digital marketing.

WP Guide

WordPress guide. Creation a dynamic website is not that easy, until we had WordPress. Using wordpress you can create basic to the most advance website just within a few hours. In this section you will learn how to do that.

Ask Buddy

We are here to help you, if you stumble into the doubt. Using ask buddy, you can ask digital marketing related questions, doubts, and suggestions directly from the experts.

DM Resources

In digital marketing, you requires to use lot of tools. Most of the tools on the internet are not free. So in this app we provide you free tools to do manage your digital marketing campaing.

Your Digital Marketing Friend

This app is very compact and less than 3mb in size. It is cloud sync so you don’t need to regularly update your app, it will synchronize in the background automatically.

Digital Marketing Buddy - PlayStore